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In my opinion, sharing knowledge is one of the most important things we do. This is why I write tech-focused articles for everyone to enjoy. You can find these on my blog.

I often write instructions to make everyday life easier, get more secure, and become a better computer user.

Tailor-made web apps

If you have a specific problem and there is no suitable solution available, something new can be made. I can build customised software to meet your needs.

With a handful of creativity and an intentionally built website, you can become the proud owner of a blog, company landing page, image gallery, web shop, or even a fully-functional dedicated application.

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My projects

Plan's Best Friend

Accountancy is complicated enough as it is, and manual planning & resource management do not help. This is why I have created streamlined planning software. Plan's Best Friend understands the needs of the bookkeeper, saves them valuable time, and provides comfort and stability.

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