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Plan's Best Friend

A streamlined, real-time planning program on capacity base. It is specially made for small and medium size accountancy offices. By automating several repetitive tasks, it saves time and provides stability.

The software also contains a client manager. This comes in handy for CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Plan's Best Friend is available in Dutch and English, but more translations can be added.

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Plan's Best Friend screenshot showing the My Planning screen

Week at a glance

When starting the day, all important tasks are shown in My Planning.

Insightful planning

Easily see open tasks on an elegant interface. Find what you need with various filters.

Plan's Best Friend screenshot showing the Complete Planning screen
Plan's Best Friend screenshot showing the Insert Assignment screen

Confidently insert assignments

Prioritise, customise and set deadlines, all in one display.

Capacity at a glance

It is easy to see where bottlenecks are using the capacity window. It shows how many hours each user has left in each week, while accounting for holidays and other irregularities.

Plan's Best Friend screenshot showing the Capacity screen
Plan's Best Friend screenshot showing the Phasemodels setup screen

Configure phase models of your own

Plan's Best Friend follows your needs. Create your own phase models, which are templates used to quickly insert recurring assignments.


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